Guide Rod Laser
The Guide Rod Laser is compatible with virtually any standard holster on the market. Since the laser goes inside the firearm, and the activation switch adds little or nothing to the outer dimension of the firearm, installing a Guide Rod Laser allows you to keep that holster you have used for years.

External Lasers
Any external accessory on a firearm will create the need for a special holster if you want to keep the accessory on the firearm while carrying it. Here are a few holster options you may consider for use with your LaserMax external laser equipped firearm.

The list is not all inclusive of holsters that are compatible with our laser sights, new holsters are being made every day. To get the most current information, it's recommended that a search of the holster manufacturer's website should be done.


Alessi Holsters

American Holster Co.

Cleveland Holsters

Cover Six Gear


Cutt's Custom Leather

Dara Holsters





The Holster Store

MT Holsters

Multi Holsters

Pocket Holsters


Sunrise Leather

SpringTac Holsters

Stellar Rigs

Talon Holsters

Tennessee Holster Co.

Uncle George's Wallet Holsters

Wright Leather Works