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If you’re going to protect yourself and those you love, you need to be ready for anything. LaserMax offers a wide range of compact, lightweight, and innovative laser sights for guns. Whether internally installed or externally equipped, our Lasermax Guide Rod Lasers are expertly designed to give you the advantage and quickly acquire targets — even in the dark.


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Product Categories

LaserMax has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing lasers for guns for more than three decades. Our laser sights increase accuracy and speed across the board, but there are a few key differences between each of our three product categories:

  1. Trigger Guard Lasers: Attached directly onto trigger guards, these Lasermax Guide Rod Lasers offer simplicity and versatility. Straightforward mounting makes this option easy to use with multiple gun models, but they don’t maintain accuracy as well as other laser sights, such as our Guide Rod Lasers. Their larger size accommodates a larger battery which extends run time, yet also may mean getting a different holster.
  2. Internal Lasers: These fully replace the internal guide rod within your handgun. These are specially-designed guide rods of the exact same size with lasers built inside them. This option provides the most accuracy due to the minimal offset distance between the pistol barrel and laser sight—and is exclusively manufactured by LaserMax. Installation is more complicated than attaching an external beam, but if you can disassemble your gun for cleaning, you can install a Guide Rod Laser. No external parts greatly reduces the possibility of damage, fits in any holster, and sits in near-perfect alignment with the barrel of your gun.
  3. Rail Mounted Lasers: Mounted to the rail of the gun, these external laser sights are larger, which facilitates extra features. Our patented rail mounting technology ensures proper fit and retention across multiple weapon platforms. Light/laser combos are also offered with this mounting system.

Don’t Get Caught In The Dark

Even with the exciting advancements we made with our auto-off power-saver sensors, our batteries run out of juice at times. Screws get loose, parts get scratched, life happens. Fortunately we offer original replacement parts and they’re available when you need them.

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Proprietary, Patented Design

From our smartphone-like GripSense™ Technology to advancements in rail mounted lasers for guns made famous by our LaserMax Spartan™ Series, our products represent the most innovative and tactically advantageous developments in the industry.

After 30+ years of research and experience, Lasermax Guide Rod Lasers are truly top-of-the-line. Whether you’re a new shooter looking to gain confidence or an experienced shooter who’s expanding their skillset, our large collection has everything you need to stay sharp, shoot straight, and, most importantly, to defend and preserve life.

Grab yourself a red Ruger sight or a green sight for your Glock and get ready for target acquisition like never before.

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“Good Enough” is Not Good Enough

LaserMax was founded on a number of guiding principles. But one of our values stands out from the rest. 

We know that “good enough” is not good enough. Especially in this industry. We work incredibly hard to bring you the most dependable products possible. Our attention to every single detail is second to none. We believe our customers deserve the very best.

Our customers are going to be carrying our laser sights out in the real world. And while we hope you never have to use them in a life-threatening situation, it is our responsibility to put every advantage into your hands as possible. That’s why “good enough” isn’t good enough. Because we’re here to keep you and yours safe. 

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