LaserMax for LE & Military Individuals

Law Enforcement lasers and Military lasers

LaserMax provides rugged and reliable laser sighting systems
to Law Enforcement, Military, and many other armed professionals
across the globe.  LaserMax offers a variety of laser systems in red,
green and even Infra-Red to fit any Law Enforcement or Military need.  

For the ultimate laser solution for pistols, the Guide Rod Laser is
the top of the line laser application that's built to handle any
Law Enforcement or Military situation.

Free Laser Test & Evaluation Units Available!
If your department or unit is not yet sure whether a laser sight is
the right option, and feel if testing a laser to evaluate the benefits
would be exactly what you need to decide.  A laser test and evaluation
program is available to your department or unit.  Simply fill out our form
and send it in to qualify for our free test & evaluation program.

Check out the full details here.

Customer service by former law enforcement officers (9-5 EST, M-F)
Call toll free: 1.800.LASER.03

Training and Certification Available!

Law enforcement instructors and the military can
receive training through LaserMax. Training is
also available from LaserMax on short-notice-best-effort
basis for overseas missions (U.S. Armed Forces only).

Please contact our training department at

NATO Approved Handgun Laser Sight.
Law enforcement departments and military organizations
around the world specify LaserMax for their personnel.
(NATO Stock No. 1005-99-500-4480)

Installation Takes 5 Minutes.
If you can field-strip your gun, you can install your
LaserMax sight - no gunsmithing required!
Almost instantly you'll have a laser-sighted
weapon which can be used outdoors from dusk
till dawn, or indoors round-the-clock.

Rapid Target Engagement.

  • Minimize collateral damage
  • Reduce tunnel vision
  • Know who's covered and who isn't
  • Enhance use of cover or concealment
  • Accurate shots from downed position
  • Head up, center of mass aiming in stress fire situations
  • Use indoors and dusk to dawn

Firearms Training Aid.

  • Teach and practice basic techniques:
    aim, hold, and squeeze
  • Immediate feedback with or without ammo
  • Assists range instructor in diagnosing faulty
    trigger squeeze,
    improper hold, anticipation of recoil
  • Beam reveals point of aim in line with gun barrel,
    ideal for training recruits

LaserMax Features.

  • Drop-in installation—no gunsmithing or
    alteration of firearm in any way
  • Totally internal—stays aligned, no need to
    stretch holster, cut up pistol or deform grip
  • No need to change standard retention holsters—
    the LaserMax is totally internal to the handgun
  • Universal Cover Mode activation (high ready)—
    consistent with your training
  • On/off switch activates laser when you're ready—
    not when unholstering as you grasp your weapon
  • Pulsating beam is quicker for eye to detect
    (like flashers on patrol car)
  • Available for all GLOCK, and most Sig, Beretta,
    Taurus, Colt and Smith & Wesson semi-automatic
    handguns (ask for other models)
  • Customer service by former law enforcement officers
    (9-5 EST, M-F); call toll free: 800.LASER.03

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