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MICRO: The Worlds Smallest Railmount Laser

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The Serious Multi-Mission Tools

   LaserMax Accuracy Precision assurance. Windage and elevation are easily adjusted with a small Allen wrench (included). LaserMax provides generous adjustments to accommodate many different mounting configurations. Both the Uni-Max® and Uni-Green™ lasers hold alignment within 0.5 inch at 25 yards on all weapons tested.
   LaserMax Versatility Ultimate versatility. You can mount these laser sights on pistols, carbines, rifles, shotguns, full autos, night vision gear, binoculars – anything* with a Picatinny or Weaver rail.

Keep all your rail space. Uni-Max® and Uni-Green™ sights are really lasers inside a Picatinny rail. So you can mount lights and other gear right on it, in seconds.
   LaserMax Ingenuity Functional engineering throughout. Like easily adjustable windage and elevation settings. Alignment that’s maintained through battery changes. The highest power output laser that’s commercially available, many with a choice of a continuous or high-visibility pulsating beam. An optional momentary activation switch with either 6- or 10-inch cords. And the laser turns itself off after ten minutes to prolong battery life.
   LaserMax Visibility

For ultimate visibility, think green. Whether you’re using a laser for personal protection or on the job, it’s good to know that green transitions from light to dark and back again better than any other color.

High visibility, low weight. LaserMax puts out the highest power laser beam permitted by law and weighs less than an ounce, battery included.

*Measuring for fit. To determine if a sight will fit on your pistol, simply measure from the front of your trigger guard to the first notch on your rail. If it's 1.75 inches (4.4 cm) or greater, the Uni-Max Red Uni-Green will fit perfectly. Got less to work with? No problem. The Uni-Max® MICRO and GENESIS requires just 1" of rail space!

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR PROFESSIONALS. Certain models available in various beam types and colors for armed professionals, law enforcement and military. IR available to qualified LE/MIL only. Contact LEsales@lasermax.com or militarysales@lasermax.com.