Green GripSense Laser/Light for Glock 48, 42, 43, & 43X (CF-4243-C-G)

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Improve Your Accuracy with the CenterFire Laser Sight

Take better shots with greater confidence with the CenterFire green laser sighting system and LED light combo (Model No. CF-4243-C-G). From our Trigger Guard Laser Sight collection, this system is a game changer in training, concealed carry, and personal defense.

  • For use only with Glock 42, 43, 43X, and 48 pistols.
  • Features a 520 nm green laser for Glock 42, 43, 43X, and 48 with both a pulsing and steady mode.
  • Features a 100-lumen LED light for Glock 43 / light for Glock 48 / light for Glock 42, dimmable to 4 lumens, colored mint green.
  • Runs on a 1/3N lithium battery (included along with a bonus spare).
  • GripSense allows both left-handed and right-handed operators instant activation as soon as you obtain a firing grip (works with gloves), or use the conventional switches if preferred.
  • Includes adjustment tool to adjust for windage and elevation, giving you maximum alignment.
  • 5-year limited warranty available upon registration.
  • Also available in a red laser version.

See Operator’s Manual (PDF)

See Installation Video (YouTube)


Find Confidence When You Need It

Self-defense situations can be dynamic and chaotic. A laser sight and light for the Glock 43, 43X, 42, and 48 pistols helps you to obtain and maintain an accurate aim regardless of lighting conditions. Don’t leave home without it. The CenterFire CenterFire combination light for Glock 48 / 42 / 43X / 43 and green laser for Glock 42 / 43 / 43X / 48 is designed and manufactured right here in the U.S. Order yours today.

Part #:
Product Warning
5-Year Warranty
1.5 oz
520 NM
User Adjustable
Power Output
Class 3R
100 LED
Battery Life
1 hour steady, 3 hours pulsing