General Faqs

Are LaserMax laser sights visible in the daylight?

Are green lasers brighter than red?

Will I see the LaserMax laser beam all the way back to the firearm?

Does a LaserMax require batteries?


Guide rod lasers

Will I have to take my gun to a gunsmith to have the Guide Rod Laser installed?

Is it possible to install the Guide Rod Laser wrong?

Will installation of the Guide Rod Laser void my firearm factory warranty?

Does the Guide Rod Laser require cleaning?

What other kind of maintenance will my Guide Rod Laser require?

Will I have to purchase a special holster to accommodate the Guide Rod Laser?

Is the activation method consistent with proper firearm handling?

Will the Guide Rod Laser make my pistol jam?

Why does my laser "jump" off the barrel lug?

My laser comes on in my pocket. How can I prevent this?

What is the difference between Gen 3 and Gen 4 Guide Rod Lasers for Glock?

Centerfire lasers

Will I have to take my gun to a gunsmith to have the CenterFire laser installed?

How do I change the batteries in my CenterFire?

What is this red "O" ring for?

Will my CenterFire-equipped handgun fit in my current holster?

Does the CenterFire require any cleaning or maintenance?

My laser comes on in my pocket. How can I prevent this?

My CenterFire laser is pulsing. How can I prevent this?

Rail mounted lasers

Will the Micro fit on my full size handgun?

Can I install my Rail Mounted laser sight on a rifle, as well as a handgun?

Are LaserMax Rail Mounted laser sights adjustable?

Can I mount a LaserMax Rail Mounted laser sight on my compound bow?

Will a LaserMax Rail Mounted laser sight work with my holster?

Can I change the battery in my laser without removing it?

IR Lasers

I am neither active military nor with a law enforcement agency. Can I still buy an IR laser?

Do I need night vision to see my IR laser?

Special makes

Why can't I order the Pico Integrated Light and Laser Housings from the website?


I did not receive confirmation by email. How do I know if my order went through?

When will my order ship?

Where do I find my tracking number?

My package shows as delivered, but I did not receive it. What do I do?

My order was rejected due to my zipcode. Why?


Does LaserMax offer international shipping?

What is LaserMax's return policy?

What if the product does not function or is defective?

How do I initiate a return?