Beretta Offers the First Factory-Equipped Guide Rod Laser

Beretta Offers the First Factory-Equipped Guide Rod Laser

One of the most trusted and field tested professional sidearms ever developed – the 92FS – is now available from the Beretta factory with a precision engineered internal Guide Rod Laser™ preinstalled. The new laser-equipped Beretta 92FS pistol represents LaserMaxs latest collaborative effort with the worlds oldest firearms manufacturer. Aimed at delivering the very best in high-tech products to Berettas loyal customer base, the new pistols will be offered in both red and green laser variants.

Having adopted the M9 as the standard service sidearm in 1985, the U.S. government has purchased many hundreds of thousands of Beretta pistols for military use and over one million Beretta 92FS pistol variants have been sold to the military and police agencies of 25 other nations. These contracts and their continued renewals serve as testament to the Beretta 92 series ruggedness, reliability and ease of use. Thanks to the addition of the LaserMax® Guide Rod Laser, the choice of professionals worldwide is now equally suited for concealed carry, home protection or duty use.

LaserMax is the only manufacturer of an internal guide rod laser sight. This patented design has been proven through over a quarter century of combat and defensive use by tier one special operation forces, conventional military units, federal agents, SWAT and police professionals, and responsible firearm owners worldwide. The Guide Rod Laser installs as close to the pistol bore line as possible, ensuring the most consistent relationship between point of aim and point of impact (POA/POI) over all shooting distances. Emitting a highly visible pulsed laser for rapid target acquisition, the LaserMax sight comes factory aligned for guaranteed center-of-mass accuracy at 20 yards. To secure your LaserMax-equipped Beretta 92FS contact a Beretta USA dealer today and reference the following product identifiers:

Beretta 92FS with Red LaserMax Guide Rod Laser: SKU: SPEC590A UPC: 0082442734880
Beretta 92FS with Green LaserMax Guide Rod Laser: SKU: SPEC591A UPC: 0082442734897

Established in 1526, Beretta is the oldest firearms manufacturer in the world, tracing its lineage through 16 generations of continuous family ownership.

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