Beretta Pistol Features LaserMax Laser and Light

Beretta Pistol Features LaserMax Laser and Light

At the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas today, LaserMax showcased the LaserMax-equipped Beretta Pico pistol. This ultra-thin, compact carry pistol is distinguished by its sleek, low-profile design and integrated LaserMax laser and light.

"The Beretta Pico is easy to carry and draw from concealment," stated a company spokesman. “Recognizing that laser sighting dramatically improves shooting performance while white light helps quickly identify a threat, we’re pleased that Beretta chose to partner with LaserMax to supply light and laser equipped housings as upgrades for the Pico."

Now that the base model Pico is on store shelves, LaserMax and Beretta are poised to ship the light and laser versions this spring,” added Worden.
The Beretta Pico and LaserMax housing combinations will be offered as completed firearm assemblies as well as sold separately as an upgrade to the base model. In both LaserMax configurations, the light source, electronics and power supply are encased within the dust cover area, seamlessly fusing the functional optics with the pistol housing and adding no bulk to interfere with concealment.

LaserMax will exhibit the new laser sight and light for the Beretta Pico, along with its entire product line, from January 20–23 at SHOT Show in booth #12771.

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