"I may have gray hair...but I'm not going down without a fight!"

"I may have gray hair...but I'm not going down without a fight!"

To the folks at LaserMax,

I just wanted to tell you that I am really pleased with BOTH of my LaserMax lasers! I have a Guide Rod Laser on my Glock 26 Gen4 and a Frame Mounted Laser on my Kahr CM9. Thank you for thinking of Kahr owners. A lot of companies dont! I am a 66 year old woman living on 11 1/2 acres surrounded by open fields and woods. The closest neighbor is 2 acres away and the police 30 minutes. A week after my husband died I got my carry permit, took lessons, and bought a Glock 26 which I had equipped with your Guide Rod Laser. I had only been carrying for a week when someone pounded and I mean POUNDED on my back door on a moonless February night at 10:30! Scared the life out of me (the dog too)! The dog went crazy. I was on the floor working on the computer. I have NO idea how I did it, but the next thing I knew I was on my feet, Glock in hand, the muzzle almost touching the back window about 4 feet from the door they pounded on and a tactical flash in my other hand. I hit the laser and swept the back yard. Of course I couldnt see them, but they knew I wasnt going to be a pushover and with a laser might even hit what I was aiming at if they broke in. I havent had any trouble since! (I certainly hope the jerk had to go home and change his shorts!) I may have gray hair and be a woman but Im not going down without a fight! Since carrying the Glock is a bit much for me, I bought the Kahr CM9 and put your Frame Mounted Center Fire laser on it. Now I feel safer at home and away. Thanks again for making such great products!

Judy, Dublin, PA

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