"I’m grateful I had that laser on my rifle."

"I’m grateful I had that laser on my rifle."

To the folks at LaserMax,

I just wanted to pass on to you an experience I had in Kabul with your Genesis green laser. Traffic is “sporty” and traffic laws are “not quite enforced” the way they are in the US. One day we had a wild eyed “character” decide that he was somewhat offended that we were in the area and hadn’t moved out of his way. He reached for his AK and he quickly realized that this was not in his best interests…the bright blinking green dot that appeared on his chest was enough to change his demeanor in a hurry. The rules of engagement can be complicated at times but your product helped me make it clear that I wasn’t in the mood to put up with the dangerous showmanship that is practiced by some of the people in that culture. He quickly made a show of making a lot of noise and yelling but the AK was gently put back on the seat and he slowly drove away. I’m grateful I had that laser on my rifle. That blinking dot cut through a lot of language and cultural barrier in half a heartbeat. No further engagement was necessary and I’m grateful. I’ve long ago outgrown a desire for excitement and this ended what could have become an ugly outcome.


Adam M.


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