LaserMax Announces Favorable Resolution of NcStar Litigation

LaserMax Announces Favorable Resolution of NcStar Litigation

LaserMax announced today a favorable conclusion of the patent infringement litigation which it initiated in December of 2008 against New Century NcStar, Inc. (“NcStar”). LaserMax and NcStar settled the lawsuit concerning NcStar’s alleged infringement of LaserMax’s U.S. Patent No. 7,421,818, through NcStar’s manufacture or sale of products including, but not limited to, its products identified in its literature as “ATPRLS,” “ATPRLS-G,” “APUSP,” “APCUSP,” and “ATPFLS,” which include accessory mounts with embedded laser sights. 

In the parties’ settlement of this case, NcStar has expressly and irrevocably acknowledged the validity of the ’818 patent and has agreed to cease
manufacture and sale of the products listed above. NcStar has also agreed to recall any remaining inventory of those products from resellers,
including brick-and-mortar dealers, catalogs and websites, and wholesale distributors. Finally, NcStar has agreed to pay LaserMax an undisclosed sum. The remaining terms of the settlement are confidential.

LaserMax CEO Susan Houde-Walter said, “Once again, this is good news for LaserMax and the firearms industry. LaserMax makes quality lasers which should never be confused with imitation products.”

LaserMax continues to bring innovative products to market at a fair price, including the new GENESIS™, the world’s first rechargeable green laser,
and the Uni-Max® MICRO, the world’s smallest rail mount laser. LaserMax is best known for its signature line of internal Guide Rod Lasers.

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