LaserMax Delivers Thermal Laser Prototype to U.S. Navy

LaserMax Delivers Thermal Laser Prototype to U.S. Navy

LaserMax today announced delivery of a Thermal Collimated Aiming Device (TCAD) prototype to the Naval Surface Warfare Center, as part of a development contract (Solicitation N0016410RJQ60) with the U.S. Navy for proprietary out-of-band laser technology. Tested to withstand both harsh environmental conditions and the rigors of battle, LaserMax’s TCAD utilizes a “first of its kind” application of Quantum Cascade Laser technology that will enable armed forces to effectively target enemy combatants without sacrificing covert positioning. Designed to complement existing military equipment inventory, the TCAD prototype interfaces with Long Wave Thermal Imagers currently issued to U.S. Special Operations units, offering a distinct tactical advantage expected to prevent American casualties.

In use since the early 1970’s, near infrared spectrum technology became a multi-billion dollar industry that formerly allowed U.S. soldiers to “own the night.” Unfortunately, the gradual availability of this equipment by the enemy has progressively compromised this advantage, putting troops at risk. Adoption of long-wave thermal laser technology by the U.S. military represents a game-changing strategy that will prevent loss of life and, by utilizing existing inventory, is anticipated to save millions in tax-payer dollars. The list of compatible imagers includes Excellus PSQ20, Optics1 COTI, Raytheon PAS-13 and L3 CNVD-T. Having met the package requirements for SWaP (Size, Weight and Performance), TCAD units were then thoroughly tested by the Naval Surface Warfare Center’s Crane Division (NSWC Crane), which confirmed that the technology has met the requirements with an assortment of thermal imagers. TCAD units will now undergo final field testing in order to refine specifications for the development of production units.

LaserMax successfully demonstrated a variation of this technology specifically designed for the U.S. Army, the Carbine Thermal Aiming Laser (CTAL), during this year’s Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE), Spiral H. Having been again selected for participation in next year’s AEWE exercise, Spiral I, the focus will be to optimize size and weight while improving performance. For more information on LaserMax thermal laser technology, visit

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