LaserMax Launches Experticity's to Boost Sales and Enhance Customer Buying Experiences

LaserMax Launches Experticity's to Boost Sales and Enhance Customer Buying Experiences

LaserMax, the principal innovator of laser sights for firearms, has partnered with Experticity to engage its most influential brand experts through Experticitys knowledge and incentives network. With 3point5, LaserMax will be able to empower sales associates with the knowledge they need to impact buying conversations. The network also incentivizes associates with exclusive discounts on LaserMax products upon completion of a given training. LaserMax will be able to better accomplish its primary objectives of driving sales and facilitating premier buying experiences for customers through passionate brand advocates on the sales floor.

"The people who have the most brand and product knowledge have the greatest impact on buying conversations," said John Reagh, Senior Vice President of Sales at Experticity. "Were excited to help LaserMax increase sales by arming sales associates with the expertise needed to give customers better buying experiences."

Consisting of two concise modules, 3point5 educates sales associates about LaserMaxs unmatched portfolio of ruggedized lasers, lights and firearm accessories, which stem from over 25 years of experience. "With significant turnover at most retail counters, keeping staff trained and knowledgeable is more challenging than ever," said Chris Tinkle, Chief Sales Officer at LaserMax. "We see 3point5 as the best vehicle to create retail sales experts that are confident in customer interactions." Retail associates are encouraged to visit to register.

About Experticity
Experticity, Inc. is growing the worlds largest community of influential experts to drive retail sales and create premier buying experiences through its expert knowledge platform, and its expert incentive platform, Together the platforms bring together thousands of the most innovative, forward-thinking brands and retailers and hundreds of thousands of trusted product experts to drive better sales and an improved customer buying experience. The companys on-demand and performance-based products enable brands and retailers to educate, deliver incentives and foster firsthand product experience to credible, category-specific experts as well as collect important insights and analyze their effectiveness. By fostering long-term, high-value relationships, manufacturers see better results, retailers improve performance, experts are rewarded for their knowledge and consumers have better buying experiences. Experticity currently works with over 650 brands, 70,000 retail locations and nearly 1.5 million influential experts. Learn more about the company at

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