Spartan Sets New Record for LaserMax

Spartan Sets New Record for LaserMax

With shipments of the first Spartan™ series lasers beginning this week, LaserMax reports that its entire first production run is now sold out, breaking the companys previously held record for presale volumes.

"It is exciting to see this innovative design captivate so much interest," said LaserMax VP of Operations, Mike Wagner. "Our manufacturing team has done a tremendous job of ramping up to meet this extraordinary demand."

Offered in both red and green, Spartan lasers feature a revolutionary design that is easily adapted to achieve ideal placement on handgun accessory rails. Protected by a 5-year warranty, Spartan lasers are priced for every shooters budget at just $99 for red (SPS-R) and $149 for green (SPS-G). LaserMax is now accepting pre-orders for the next production run which is scheduled to ship in plenty of time to capitalize on holiday sales.

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