LaserMax Spartan™ Rail Mounted Laser Series

We proudly present the most advanced, adaptable, and advantageous rail mounted laser sights ever created: the LaserMax Spartan™ Laser Series.

LaserMax Spartan™ Rail Mounted Laser Sights aren’t just reliable. They’re revolutionary. Our patented Rail Vise Technology™ adapts ambidextrously to fit your grip perfectly. Once anchored, the LaserMax Spartan™ Laser adjusts true to your aim. Once aligned, even extended shooting will not affect your precision accuracy—and a single battery is all you need.

Featuring some of the industry’s brightest green and red laser points, the LaserMax Spartan™ Series is the product of 30+ years of expertise and excellence. Experience the difference yourself. Shop Spartan™ now.


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4 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Feature-Rich Versatility

The LaserMax Spartan™ Rail Mounted Laser features:

  • Perfect fit mounting technology
  • Precision shot aim alignment
  • Illumination and identification
  • Small design, big impact
  • Right- and left-hand compatibility
  • Red/green laser points; operator choice of pulse or steady
  • Inactivity Sensors signal auto-off after 10 minutes to preserve battery power
  • Over-sized electronic touch pads ensure effortless activation
  • Protected by a 5-year warranty

That’s not all!

And we’ve got much more to see. Shop the rest of our powerful, premium products now.

Why “Good Enough” Isn’t

You notice how every time you see the LaserMax Spartan™ name, it’s followed by the ™ sign? That’s because we know that “good enough” isn’t enough, which is why we design proprietary products so advanced and advantageous they have patents attached to them.

That said, we don’t do what we do to brag. We do what we do because we’re not kidding ourselves about the real world. We do what we do because we care about our customers. We do what we do to put every advantage possible into the palm of your hand, should you ever need it.

We hope you never do. But we take that responsibility very seriously. That’s why “good enough” isn’t good enough. 

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