Top-Tier Trigger Lasers

Trigger guard lasers offer versatility and ease of use, as they readily mount to your pistol’s trigger guard without permanent alteration. Rounded and ready to go, our trigger lasers offer an ambidextrous design for both right-handed and left-handed shooters. Simple to use, yet surprisingly effective, most users report accuracy improvements immediately after installation.

LaserMax GripSense™ Technology activates your light or laser automatically when it senses your grip on your firearm—or you can set them for manual activation, your choice. Available in vivid red and bright green, our trigger guard laser sights are essential for both training and self-defense.

Find the right trigger laser for your pistol today and be ready for anything tomorrow.


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Tried and Tested

Not all lasers are created equal. That’s why LaserMax pushes the limits of ruggedness in all of our designs—because we know you’re searching for trigger lasers that won’t let you down when you need them most.

Whether it’s our next-generation GripSense™ technology or our superb Spartan™ series, every LaserMax laser sight is put through stringent performance trials, including:

  • Heavy impacts and drops
  • Deep water immersion
  • Shock and weapons recoil
  • Extreme temperatures
  • And more!

When it comes to exceptional durability and reliable performance, LaserMax sets the bar high. We hold the very highest standards for all of our products, because we know that our innovations translate to your safety.

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Real World Protection

It’s no use kidding ourselves about the world these days. Things are getting rough out there. More so every day.

It’s true that our trigger guard laser sights are useful for training and boost your hit ratio at the shooting range. But the priority of the innovators and inventors at LaserMax has always been your protection and safety. When it comes to self-defense, every detail counts.

We focus on function, form, fit, and finish. Our trigger lasers, internal lasers, and rail mounted lasers are all purposeful and powerful. 

Our years of research and dedicated development have resulted in truly game-changing proprietary technologies.

Find out more about what makes LaserMax the incredible laser sight supplier that it is.