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On February 26, 2014, a police chief from Estes Park contacted the LaserMax Warranty Department to request service on a LaserMax-equipped pistol in his department’s possession.

The pistol (a Glock 26) had been recently recovered by the department after spending four months on the bottom of a Colorado lake. Although the gun was dirty and rusty, much to the chief's surprise and delight, the LaserMax sight still worked just fine.

This story is not the first of its kind and we expect that it is far from the last. Such is the absolute dependability of LaserMax products.

As preferred supplier to the world's finest firearm brands and an established military equipment developer through active defense contracts, LaserMax specializes in packaging and ruggedizing laser systems for use in adverse environments. Having set the bar for exceptional laser performance and reliability, LaserMax considers it a matter of pride to uphold the highest standards. This is why every new LaserMax design is subjected to a standard battery of exhaustive tests.

Typical LaserMax performance trials include exposure to harsh conditions such as:

  • intense electromagnetic fields
  • extreme temperatures
  • high accelerations
  • deep water immersion
  • salt water spray
  • blowing sand
  • shock and weapon recoil
  • heavy impacts and drops
Innovation. Easy to imitate but hard to match.

Beyond sheer ruggedness, building products for the world's toughest customers requires originality. After all, what customers want and what customers need is constantly changing. At LaserMax, research and development has always been the dominant thrust of our work. This focus has resulted in more game-changing technological innovation than any other laser sight manufacturer.

When you genuinely care about your customers as much as we do, "good enough" is simply not good enough. We look at things differently. Down to the most subtle aspects of form, function, fit, finish: no small detail escapes the notice of LaserMax inventors and technicians. Whether it is destined for a NASA space platform, military weapon system or your personal carry gun, every LaserMax sight has this legacy of innovation built in.



On Target Magazine: Green Guide Rod Laser


"Naturally I picked the Lasermax Guide Rod Laser. Every gun should have this, it's that good. The laser made the sights jealous..." – Mark Kakkuri

GUNS Magazine, September 2014, Exclusive: My Well-Put-Together Custom Glock 19


On Target Magazine: Micro Laser


“I was very impressed with its performance. The (LaserMax) dot aligned perfectly with my Glock 22's fixed sights at 20 yards. And, since the unit is completely internal, I could still use my normal holster." – William Bell

Combat Handguns, November 2014, Testing the Green LaserMax Guide Rod Laser


Blue Book of Gun Values: Best Integrated OEM Laser Device


"LaserMax's innovative Green Guide Rod Laser can take your Glock to the next level!” – Dennis Adler

2015 Handgun Buyer's Guide, November 2013, Guiding Laser


"The LaserMax Guide Rod laser meets or exceeds both Mil-Spec and Homeland Security durability test standards – drop tests, blowing sand, temperature and humidity extremes, salt water fog, deep water immersion, and 20,000+ rounds of live fire – and is user installable in just minutes." – Bill Battles

On Target, 2014 Defensive Handgun Annual, LaserMax Native Green Guide Rod Laser: The Green (and Guide Rod Laser) Advantage


"...a worthwhile addition to any Glock pistol and particularly for those being carried as duty guns or for self-defense use." – Dennis Adler

Tactical Life, December 2014, LaserMax's Innovative Green Guide Rod Laser For Your Glock

Black Guns

"Small is good when it comes to tactical accessories and the LaserMax Uni-IR is not only small, but it operates in the infrared spectrum, ideal for night operations and defensive positions from the battlefield to the hallway in your home." – Black Guns Staff

2014 Black Guns Buyer's Guide


"...a laser on any pistol you're going to bet your life on is a very, very good idea and the green Lasermax lasers are far brighter in all lighting conditions than red lasers. Fully loaded, with 7 rounds in the magazine, one in the chamber and the Lasermax laser installed, the LC9s weighs an easy to carry 22 ounces." – Ed Head

Downrange TV, November 2013, Shooting the New Ruger LC9s


"...the CenterFire offers seamless integration with the front portion of the pistol frame, placing the emission point of the laser beam immediately under the bore for the highest accuracy." – S.W.A.T. Staff

S.W.A.T. Magazine, May 2013, LaserMax Green CenterFire Laser Sight

21015 Ladies Choice Award

Shooting for Women Alliance


"...the CenterFire offers the most compact and robust laser solution available." – Pocket Pistols Staff

Pocket Pistols


"...it's an affordable way to take advantage of this technology if you want to make it a part of your defensive training plan, and is a perfect match for Ruger's tough little pocket pistols." – Roy Huntington

American Handgunner, March/April 2015, LaserMax CenterFire Laser


"When I got my first close look at this new Ruger 10/22 with LaserMax Laser, I knew immediately that this was the solution I had been wanting. It seems that LaserMax, working with Ruger, has created the perfect blending of laser and rifle to create an accessory that will probably be under many Christmas trees this year." – Gunsumer Reports Staff

Gunsumer Reports, July 2013, Ruger 10/22 Carbine with LaserMax Laser


"Ruger's Game-changing LCP .380...with LaserMax CenterFire laser utilizes a glass reinforced nylon frame to keep its weight under 10 ounces." – Fred Demara

Pocket Pistols 2013, Deep Cover Rugers


"LaserMax is offering a fantastic little laser, the CenterFire, designed specifically for the S&W M&P Shield...well designed and easy to use. Attaching it to my pistol was very easy – it only took a couple minutes. And the best part is that it looks like it's part of the pistol...If you already have an S&W M&P Shield or are looking to get one, make sure you give the CenterFire a look. It may be just the thing to turn your Shield into an Excellent backup or off-duty carry pistol." – David Bahde

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