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Guide Rod Laser

For GLOCK, SIG SAUER, Beretta, Taurus, Springfield XD & XDM

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Keep your holster, keep your tactical lights, keep your favorite grips.
LaserMax is the only maker of an internal guide rod laser. Our patented
design has been proven in over 20 years of street and combat
experience by SWAT, special forces, federal agencies, presidential
security services, and many other armed professionals. It’s the most
technologically advanced, hardened laser system you can buy. 

   LaserMax Accuracy  Accuracy assured.
The LaserMax Guide Rod Laser sight installs as close to
the barrel of the firearm as possible. This ideal positioning
ensures the closest, most consistent relationship
between your point of aim and point of impact (POA/POI)
over all shooting distances. This is important in stressful,
real-life situations when the assailant is likely to be moving.

Alignment, factory-set and permanent.
Your LaserMax Guide Rod Laser sight comes permanently
aligned from our factory for center-of-mass accuracy at 20 yards.
It will never drift out of alignment. And there is no need to
re-zero it after changing batteries.  
   LaserMax Ruggedness As rugged as the gun itself.
Because the LaserMax Guide Rod Laser sight fits wholly
inside the firearm—just replacing the gun’s standard guide rod—
it’s as tough and durable as the gun itself. Plus, we use Wolff Gunsprings,
so you're getting the very best recoil springs in the industry.
Torture-tested and unscathed.

We've subjected our guide rod laser sights to our own tough tests,
including extreme live fire; five-story drops to concrete; crushing
by 20-ton vehicles; freezing in blocks of ice; roasting in flames;
in explosions and more.
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security blowing-sand test
  • U.S. Navy and Marine Corps salt-water corrosion test
  • Extreme high-temperature (120 F.) and
    low-temperature (-15 F.) tests
  • U.S. Navy SEALS test, submersion to 66 feet in
    salt water for two hours
  • U.S. military and National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
    live-fire test
  • Department of Justice and NIJ six-foot drops to
    concrete from various angles of gun
   LaserMax Visibility Pulsing for increased visibility.
Scientific studies have confirmed that our eyes detect
pulsating objects more quickly than constant-on objects.
That’s why ambulance and road hazard lights pulsate.
The LaserMax beam pulsates for increased visibility for both
the shooter and the threat. Even in peripheral vision,
you’ll always know where your gun is pointed.
You’re in total control.
With the Guide Rod Laser sight, it’s your call if the beam
is “on” or “off”—a must in situations when you don’t want
to reveal your position. A convenient “on-off” switch is
easily activated by right-handed or left-handed shooters,
without altering the grip. With the  Guide Rod Laser, the
activation switch is exactly where your index finger should
be for safe operation, without interfering with laser beam.
   LaserMax Easy Install Installs in minutes.
You won’t have to visit a gunsmith to install the Guide Rod Laser.
You just field-strip your gun as you normally would for cleaning.
Then replace the factory guide rod and take down lever with
our Guide Rod Laser sighting system. It’s that quick and easy.

   LaserMax Compatibility Fits like a glove.
Because LaserMax Guide Rod Laser sights don’t change your
pistol’s dimensions, you know your handgun is going to fit
perfectly into its holster.